The Chef, My Father at the

Hudson Villa


Chef Ettore Fenaroli. This picture was taken in the kitchen of the first Hudson Villa. The Hudson Villa was owned by Ettore and his partner Charlie Rossi. Subsequently there were three Hudson Villas. This Hudson Villa was located on the edge of the Palisades, about two miles south of the George Washington Bridge. It was a beautiful old Dutch Mansion with an absolutely spectacular view of upper west side Manhattan, see the Toscanini photo in "Places and Moments in time Photos". The grounds around it were wilderness. Arthur, Rita, Lou and Charlie's son, Lou spent many days exploring the wilderness. There are many stories to tell about the site, including stories about gamblers and show girls from the nearby Ben Marden's Riviera, a night club, speakeasy and illegal casino. Ettore and Charlie were forced to vacate the site when John D. Rockefeller bought a strip of properties along the edge of the Palisades to keep forever wild. The beautiful mansion was removed. In so far as I know the land continues to be wild but there are high rise buildings all around the site


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