The Gang at Jones Beach


World War 2 is well under way and the war is to going well for the Allies. Some of the guys have already left to go into the service.This is one of those rare moments in time. One summer Sunday the gang decided to go to Jones Beach. It is not a very good photo, but it's content is priceless. Here they are., From right to left: Row 1 Marie fenaroli, Joe Vignali, Louise Costella, Amedeo Delgrosso, Peter Vignali. Row 2 Primo Delgrosso, Clementina Vignali, Gina Costella, Adel Fenaroli, Marcella Delgrosso, behind Marcella is Mrs. Ganassa. Row 3 Remo DelMaestro, Mary Delgrosso, Johnny Vignali, Ray Costella, Johnny Vignali and finally Art Fenaroli. I am wearing a T-shirt from Fort Stewart Georgia sent to me by ny brother.


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Bon Voyage...........