Uncle Joe with wife Aunt Genoveffa, (Jenifer), and Cousin Mary.

Circa 1929

Uncle Joe died young of Consumption. He was a talented ice sculptor. He worked in the finest NY hotels. Mary matured to be a real beauty. She worked as a model in NY. Unfortunately she died in her early thirties leaving a young son, Paul and husband Dominic Fraoli. I remember Aunt Genoveffa as being a very nice and kind Lady. I lost track of Uncle Joe, Aunt Genoveffa and Cousin Mary until recently receiving an email from Jenifer Hicks. Jenifer Hicks is the daughter of Paul and therefore the Grand Daughter of Mary. She is named after her great Grand Mother, Genoveffa.

With Jenifer Hicks permission, I have attached the two emails.

June 24, 2012

Hello Cousin Arthur! I apologize for my brief initial email - I was heading out to celebrate my husband's birthday and just had a few minutes to quickly send something out - I was so excited about what I had found I couldn't wait! Now that I have some more time I will tell you how pleased we were to find your site - it is obviously a labor of love and my parents and siblings (there are four of us) have enjoyed the pictures and information. I believe he emailed you that evening or the following day. Our connection to this side of the family was cut off when Mary, my grandmother passed away. My sister and I each have a ring of hers that we wear daily. Seeing a picture of her as a child was surreal - my father commented that is was an odd feeling to see his family on a web site - the internet is amazing!! I think my father will be a better source of information than I will. I would appreciate being put on the distribution list for notification updates. We will continue to visit the site to continue to learn all we can. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job putting this together - I felt like I reclaimed a grandmother and a bit of my own history when I found the site. Can't wait for updates in the future. Until then, Jenifer (yes, named after my grandmother)

June 25, 2012

Yes, my great grandmother - so sorry! I work in the ER at our local hospital and I sent that email at the end of a 12 hour shift - it was probably close to midnight! Yes, we were able to enjoy the music - the site is wonderful! My husband and two children and I live in Ohio. I have a sister who is moving to Chicago at the end of July, a brother in the Pittsburgh area and a brother who lives in Japan. My parents recently moved from Northern NJ back to the Pittsburgh area. When I was young we lived in Westchester County, NY, Mexico City, Caracas Venezuela, and Pittsburgh. My father was looking forward to corresponding with you - hopefully he will be able to provide you with some information. Until then, Jenifer


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