The Fenaroli's of Porcigatone

Albert & Rose Fenaroli

Second Generation

Albert Fenaroli was born in Porcigatone Parma Italy 1897. Albert died June 9, 1977 in Astoria New York.

Albert learned how to drive a motor vehicle in the service. He was the only family member to have a driver's license. Albert was destined to be a business man. His first attempt was with his brother Ettore and a third party. The three opened a Fruit and Vegetable store in Brooklyn and succeeded in going broke in six short months. The experience must have given both Albert and Ettore the drive to try again. Albert succeeded in establishing a very successful Trucking company and Ettore succeeded in establishing a very successful Restaurant

Albert Fenaroli and Rose Sussi had the following children:

Florence Fenaroli was born in Astoria New York About 1924.

Albert Fenaroli was born About 1930.

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