Antonietta Cacchioli Fenaroli

Above is the Ellis Island record for Antonietta, my Mom. She arrived at Ellis Island as a twenty year old. She joined her sister Gina.

Below is the ship Antonietta took to come to America in 1916. The interesting parts are as follows:

1. The ship was an Italian ship and left from Genoa whereas the ships the Fenaroli's took were French ships and left from Le Havre. 2. She arrived in 1916 and was on the last ship to leave Italy during WW1. A trip that should have taken 9 to 10 days took over one month because of evasive maneuvers to avoid being torpedoed by a German submarine.

3. Ironically the ship was torpedoed and sunk by a US submarine during WW2. The japanese purchased the ship before the start of WW2.

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