9. Louise2 Fenaroli (Luigi1) was born in Pocigatone Parma Italy July 18, 1906.

She married Ted Taddei in S. John's Church Manhattan New York, Feb 25 1933.

She emigrated from the United States Apr. 1910. Louise left Italy with her mother and two sisters in April of 1910. She enterred the USA through Ellis Island.

Louise is fondly addressed by all of Nonena's, (Maria Delgrosso), grandchildren as Zia Louise or Aunt Louise. All of us recall going to Aunt Louise's apartment for Christmas eve to see the tree, always elegantly decorated, and to give us kids our gifts. Since, as you will see, Aunt Louise was well educated and spoke English like a native born American, I felt as though I had already entered the new world generation . Uncle Ted was also an impressive person. I remember him as the Auto Mechanic who worked in Largemont NY, somewhere outside NY a magical place, and went to work dressed in a suit, a bankers coat and Hamburg hat. Don't think that happens today.

Aunt Louise was born in Porcigatone July 18, 1906. She made the migration to the USA with her mother and two sisters, Camille and Jose, in 1910. She graduated Elementary School, PS 59 on 57th Street in Manhattan and High School, Manhattan Trades Evening School of Industrial Arts. Uncle Giovanni then encouraged Louise to go to Parsons School for Dress Design. Uncle Giovanni, Nonena's brother, paid all of Louise's school expenses and also paid Nonena a small stipend to make up for the lost salary. Salaries were important to contribute to the family's finances. There were many mouths to feed and many children to get started.

Parsons remains today a prestigious Design School. The Normal course extended for three years. Aunt Louise completed the course in two years with the added extraordinary bonus of completing the last semester in Paris France. Parson's had an option of completeing the last semester in Europe in place s like Germany, Paris, etc. Aunt Louise chose Paris and left for Gay Paree in 1928. The Parsons school in Paris was at 9 Place Di Vogeous, the address of the old Bastille. Can you imagine how much fun it must have been to associate with the artsy folks of Paris. You will have to ask Aunt Louise about her adventures.

An interesting sidelight to this adventure involves Louise's experience with the French officials in Paris. Because she was not a French citizen, Louise had to register with the local French immigration authorities. Immediately she was asked if she knew the whereabouts of a Giovanni Fenaroli. Giovanni was on a wanted list. Louise disclaimed any knowledge although she knew Giovanni, a cousin. He migrated to the USA but was turned back at Ellis Island because of a hump back condition. Giovanni did not want to return to Italy under any circumstances. He somehow managed to go to France where he obviously got involved in some nefarious affairs. Apparently the opportunities of the New World were granted only to the chosen ones and not to the hump backed folks of the Old World.

After graduation Louise returned to New York and entered the world of Haute Couture. Subsequently she married Ted and became a mom. Andrew was born 1942 and Christina 1947. Christine was born scant days after Ted died. She became a Kindergarten teacher first at Immaculate Conception and then at Precious Blood. Aunt Louise still lives at 28th street in Astoria.

Louise Fenaroli Taddei and Ted Taddei had the following children:

child 24 i. Andrew3 Taddei was born in Astoria New York NY May 11, 1943.

child + 25 ii. Christina Taddei was born Dec. 2, 1947.

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