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The material presented here was collected over the past 40 years. Key contributors are:
Louise Taddei, Aldo and Rita Sussi, Michael Gosiewsky, Emil Delgrosso computer derived sources and the book cited in the chapter, "We are Nobility". Thanks to Ed Sussi for his fine renditions of the Fenaroli crest. Yvonne and Andrea Fenaroli our west coast Fenaroli's contributed valuable information and photos. Very special thanks to Giovanni Ernesto Fenaroli of Pisogne. The material has required much keyboarding and mouse clicking to enter. I know there are booboos here and there. Sorry about that.

The following are the meaning of abbreviations used by Giovanni Ernesto on his wonderful Family trees.

n. = born.

t. = will (Data Source)

v. = living (at the time)

+ = Died

+ a. = dead before the year ...

A.S. = State Archives of .....

R.do = Reverend/Priest

F. = Indicates the binder, followed by the number, containing documents

A.C. = municipal archives ....

A.P = Archive Parish ....

A.V. = Archive Bishop of ....

P. = Policies Estimi year .... (Dispute of assets).

I am interested in corrections, new data, and stories. The more stories the better. I have tried to include as many stories as I know to keep this from being, a Jack begot, Pete who begot Agnes kind of thing. If you want me to continue, please send data and more important send stories. If I receive enough data and interest and I have the time, I will continue. However, no promises only best effort.

Please contact me as follows:

email: fenaroli@webjogger.net

This is not my normal email address. It is specifically for the website. Please use it in that spirit.

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