The Fenaroli's of Porcigatone

Joseph and Jennifer Fenaroli

Second Generation

Joseph Fenaroli was born in Porcigatone Parma Italy 1886. Joseph was the first to child to migrate to America. He did so in 1901 as a teenager, see Ellis Island Records. Joseph died Nov. 12, 1925 in Astoria New York NY. Joseph was a talented artist in his own right. He was known to do excellent ice sculptures. His occupation was to sculpt ice figures for patrons in the finest hotels in New York City. He continually worked in the freezers of the hotels. This is the reason given for his early demise. He died of consumption, (TB).

He married Genoveffa in New York NY, About 1915. Genoveffa died November 2, 1966 in New York.

Joseph was born in 1886 in Porcigatone. He migrated to the US about 19o1. He was married to Genoveffa about 1915 and died in New York City in 1925. Joseph and Genoveffa had one child, Mary.

Mary Fenaroli was born in Manhattan NY 1916. Mary died Apr. 6, 1954 in Manhattan NY. Mary, the daughter of Joseph and Jennifer Fenaroli was born in 1916. She was a very pretty lady. She died in 1965 of bone Cancer at the age of 49.

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