The F&V Model Rail Road, 2010

In the fall of 1941, my brother Lou , my cousin Johnny and myself created a model railroad using Lou's and cousin Johnny's lionel train sets. Johnny and I learned the rudiments of electricity from my brother Lou. We built cardboard and wood models of houses, stations and platforms. we created a little mountain made of old screens and plaster of Paris. We persuaded my sister Rita, the artist of the family, to paint the scenery and paint a very nice mural for a background. By Christmas time we had a very credible model Railroad admired by many. So was born the F&V Railroad, (The Fenaroli and Vignali Railroad.)

Over the years my brother and I built model Railroads in our homes. What you see in this Smilebox is my model Railroad currently in my cellar. I started creating the layout when I moved to my current condo about 7 years past.

All are welcomed to come see it. It is probably the last of the F&V Railroads.

The link Below will take you to the make believe world of steam engines and trains that had names. A time when people traveled in comfort and style.


F&V Railroad, 2010

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