Family Trip to Italy, 1971

In the summer of 1970. Maria, my wife's sister visited us in Red Hook. She came with her two daughter's, Gianna and Rosanna and stayed the better part of the summer. Her children were of the same genre as our children and got along well. It was a fun summer. The following year Rita and I took our family to Italy for a month. Most of the time we stayed with Maria and lived Italian style. We did manage a couple of trips to the Beach at Via Reggio and Firenze and Pisa.

It was a marvelous time in our lives. Everyone was well and the children got along very well. It was a big help to have Maria, Gianna and Domenico all very well versed in English and Rita versed in Italian.

It is a time to remember.

The Smilebox is a slideshow of our travels and visits. Below is the link that will take you to Bella Italia.


Family Trip to Italy, 1971

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    Buon Viaggio...........