Trip to find our roots, 2009

July of 2009, my daughter Diane and I left for a two week visit to Italy to seek our roots.

We started with a few days in the Lake Como and Lugano area, then we trained to Brescia. We stayed three days at the "Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel. The Villa is a National Monument and currently operates as a five star Hotel. We tracked all over the place and had several discussions with the Staff. They treated us with kindness and respect although they did not once address me as Count. Perhaps I intimidated them when I informed them I was here to claim my inheritance.

From Brescia we rented a car and Diane stick shifted us to Borgotaro where we stayed for the remainder of the two weeks. It was much fun living Italian and with the help of cousin Guiseppe Tambini touring the Val di Taro area. Diane did more than her share by driving up and down the hills when Guiseppe could not be with us. We had family lunches with the family of my sister in law Maria and also with Guiseppie's family. We sampled the Borgo nightlife and local trattorias. It was a happy time.

The Smilebox is a slideshow of our travels and visits. Below is the link that will take you to Bella Italia.


Roots Trip to Italy, 2009

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