Luigi Fenaroli

Above is the Ellis Island record for Luigi my grandfather. Before finding this record I did not know my grandfather had ever visited the USA. There was a rumor that he had visited the USA on two occasions. Now I know he legally came at least once. Luigi did return to Italy to tell his family America was going to be their new home. In 1901 he sent Guiseppe across to start the migration. By 1910 all of his family migrated to the USA except himself. He died in 1906 and never made the migration with his family.

Below is the ship Luigi took to come to America in 1998. What is interesting about the history of the ship is that it sunk two months after Luigi took the ship to go home. There was great loss of life. What if Luigi left two months later and was lost at sea? Would the remaining Fenaroli's stayed in Italy? Would my home language be Italian instead of English?

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