The Fenaroli's of Red Hook

Meet Arthur and Margherita's family:

First picture, Peter, Margherita, Diane, Arthur. Second Picture, Diane, Chris, Peter.

The photo on the left was taken 1961 or 1962. Diane and Peter were 3 and 6 respectively. We had moved from Baltimore to Kingston NY, 1957. Peter, born in Baltimore, was between 1and 2 years old at the time. Diane was born while were still in Kingston. In 1962 we moved to Red Hook and Christopher arrived later the same year. We remained in Red Hook till 1979 at which time we moved to Charlotte NC. Peter had just finished Union College and took his first job with IBM in Charlotte. Diane was a junior at Union and agreed to skip a semester to help with the move. Christopher at the time of the move had completed his Sophomore year at Red Hook high where he was selected Sophomore athlete of the year. It was a particularly tough move for Chris. He completed his high school education at South Mechlandburg HS in Charlotte. He subsequently went to the NC state for a year and then on to Union College. Red Hook was our home during the growing up period for our family. It remains for me our home. Both my son Peter and his family and myself still live in Red Hook. Peter's family is growing up in Red Hook as we speak.

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