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Arthur L. Fenaroli

What is unique about this photo? It was one of the photos in my late sister's collection. When I saw it. several things immediately popped into my mind. First and foremost it included all eight kids that together grew up in the house of the four sisters on 33rd. St. Astoria, (see the article, "The Four Sisters". In addition all the spouses are in the photo. I do not know of any other photo that has either of those characteristics. The photo includes, Reading from top to bottom, Margherita,(spouse of Arthur), Arthur, next, Rita, Aldo, (spouse of Rita), next Louise, Remo, (spouse of Louise), next Marie, Emil, (spouse of Marie), next Joan, (spouse of Joey), then Lou, Louise, (spouse of Ray), next starting with Fi, (with the red hat), (spouse of Lou), finally Joey and Raymond, amazing!.


What else is unusual abbot this photo? Since the initial publication of this article, I have learned the following about this photo. Seated below, from left to right are: Andrew Costella's brother and his wife followed by Andrew Costella and his wife Norma. They are Fenaroli related through their Grandparents who were Fenaroli's. I remember Andrew as a child. We are close in age and both lived in Astoria. I also learned the occasion was the wedding of Franca Cacchioli to Franco Capitelli. I did not see Andrew and Norma since then until recently. We ran into each other at Gary Delgrosso's 60th birthday party, July 1. We spent several hours catching up. It was fun.

More than two months later, at the "Cousin's Picnic", I was given another interesting photo by Peter, ( my cousin Raymond's son ).

Wedding: Franca Cacchioli & Franco Capitelli
August 1967

And why is this photo interesting? First, this photo and the photo above were both of Franco and Franca's wedding. Second, whereas the top photo contains all the children that grew up at the house of the four sisters, this photo contains all the parents of the eight children. We were all at Franca & Franco's great wedding. How about that !

Seated left to right:
Antonietta, ( Sister 2), next, Franco's mother, next, my Aunt Gina, (Sister 1) and her husband Uncle Domenico, next, Uncle Peter and his wife Aunt Clementina, (Sister 4), next, Aunt Delina, (Sister 3). My Father Ettore is standing behind my Mom, Antonietta. Uncle Eugene is standing behind Aunt Delina. All eight occupants parents of the eight progeny of the house of the four sisters, amazing!

The most important members of the wedding party were , starting from my father, Franco's father, Zio Guiseppe and Zia Maria, (Franca's parents), and the Bride and Groom.

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